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SIA Licensed Security Professionals In UK

Ensuring safety for guests and the business itself is an ever more important aspect of any hospitality endeavour, and a big part of that is having the right people in place. However, for businesses and SIA licensed door supervisors alike, finding the right match can be difficult, and this is why DSMesh has been created, to provide a community of providers and employers built on trust. The system benefits contractors and businesses looking to hire them, protecting both from the problems that plague the industry today, unreliability, payment problems and unlicensed operators.

We provide you with an easy to use app that unlocks a community of workers and employers, enabling you to easily find work when and where you want it. Because we only accept door supervisors on verification of their license, you can be sure that everyone in the community is like you, a professional who takes the job and responsibilities seriously.

On opening an account, once your license number is verified, you can set your hourly rate and publish a profile that lets potential employers know your experience and location, along with any important information and details about you and your work.

There are two ways to obtain work through DSMesh, firstly potential employers in your area will be directed to Door Supervisors close to them for their needs, and secondly you will also find a comprehensive list of available work. You can quickly find vacancies local to you or any area you wish to work, and quickly apply for those positions.

Employers can rate your performance within the app, and you can also rate them, and this is where the power of networking comes in. Your performance will enable you to get real recognition for your effort, and this will be seen by all potential employers, helping you to obtain more work and building trust with new employers. Likewise, because employers can.

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